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Aye I havent been on DA for a while T.T
Due to lack of motivation and school and it is really getting to me (bah!! Joe those are some lazy excuses) So I just wanted to say that Ill probably upload something soon.. I hope.
Merry X-mas everyone!

I wasn't on these past weeks cause I was really busy and sick : /
It hasn't snowed yet, but it's gettin really cold now. So I decided to draw a "winter" theme...

I can't go out the balcony anymore, without my mum scolding me that I'll get sick...
But now I can enjoy the warmth of tea even more!!

DAYUM!!! I didn't notice that I actually colored it!
I don't know whats happening...
A very quick drawing.
I had some spare time : P

I hope I did the english right...

I donˋt know...
I've never done this before, but here goes...

I got tagged by CupidTheSparrow and KaizenKitty
The Rules: 
- You have to post ALL the rules.
- Answer 10 questions that you have been asked then create 10 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
- Choose 10 people.                        
- Legitimately tag these 10 people.  
- You can't say you don't do tags. 
-Tag backs are allowed  <---------  (pls don't I beg thee!!!)

Questions from CupidTheSparrow:

-How do you feel when you are creating your art?
I'm supposed to feel bored when creating art. If I don't feel bored, I end up not drawing anything and just stare at the paper. I need that mindset.... Pretty much why my school notebooks are full of scribbles and drawings...

-What kind of comments do you prefer the most?
Any kind of comment. As long as it's not spam : P

-Which artwork of yours you find the most successful?
I don't.... know...

-How do you think how others view your work?
I can't read peoples minds, but.... I think people might find my work really random.

-What kind of software are you using to create your art?
An I-pad

-Do you make drafts before finalizing your work?
Yes. or... I just take a silly scribble I made and clean it up...

-Who are your best friends on Deviantart?

I don't have any..... (I think)  *cries in a corner

-Which movie character you find the most irritating?
I don't really remember any movies where a character really irritates me but as a kid Mushu from Mulan annoyed me a bit.. Sure he had his good moments, but sometimes he really annoyed me..

-As a person,what do you think of me?
I don't know you for very long, but you're funny, you like to say your opinion and you care for your friends.

-Have you ever owned a pet?
I had 2 dogs and a cat.. They're long gone. I still miss them....

Now KaizenKitty's questions:

-Best April Fools prank you pulled?
Uhhhh... I never pulled an April fools prank. I never notice when it's april fools day.

-Have you ever Tp'ed someones house?
Nope. Too lazy... And whenever we run out I'm usually the one who has to go out and buy it... 

-Best new song you've heard this week?

- I give you a plane ticket, you can go any place in the world, anywhere you like, right now just pick a place and I'll send you there. You pick? Why? What would you do there?

Definitely Italy.. I mean the climate, the nice language(I can’t speak italian though) 

There’s also the beautiful cities and famous artworks there. Monuments, The sistine chapel, the Vatican etc.

and also the food…. don’t forget about the food…

-This Halloween, you are going to..?
Stay at home and probably cram for another exam I didn't study for... and hand out some candy when people ring....

-Who's your favorite youtuber?
I haven't watched youtube in a while, but my fave would be Rhett and Link
I used to like Jack, Mark and Pewdiepie years ago....

-Do you sing in the shower? 
Are you good at it? Or do your roomates/partners/family members/neighbors constantly tell you to turn it down?
I don't sing in the shower... I'm awful at singing...

-Most depressing thought you had this week?
The tests will never end....

-Happiest thought you had this week?
Hurrah for the weekends!!!

-What would you like to change about your life if anything?
I wish I started drawing earlier and took it more seriously...

Now I have to tag 10 people:

Really sorry if you don't like getting tagged.... 



And the questions:

1. What do you do when you're out of ideas? Do you even run out of ideas?

2.Do you like reading books? Whats your favourite book? if yes...

3.Why did you decide to make an account on deviantart?

4.Are you ever satisfied with your own work or not?

5.Whats the worst thing that happened to you in school?

6.Do you like being alone?

7.When you see the antagonist dies in a story how do you react?

8.What keeps you motivated?

9.A time traveller offers you a ride to any time period of your choice. Which time period would you like to be brought to and why? Or you can also decline...

10.Whats your favourite qoute?


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I don‘t know
I don't know....


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